How to Hide Products From Shopify's Search Results

Learn how to hide certain products from both a Shopify store's search results as well as Google. Based on tags, product types or product ID.

Why excludes products from search results?

There are many unique cases in which a Shopify store would want to exclude certain products from their stores search results. Some examples include:

  • Free gifts or other promotional items you wish to add to customer’s order based on specific rules. But you do not want users to be able to find these products any other way.
  • Having products that are specific order fees (Consultation fees, environmental fees, etc.). These fees may exist as products but should not be searchable.
  • Products that you want to target to specific customers. You may have targeted promotional products that are only able to be purchased by some customers. You would want to hide these items from search results so that only customers with the unique link will be able to find them.

Hiding products from search results

We created the Shopify app ‘Search Veil’ for a simple way to ensure these types of products remain hidden from both your store’s search results as well as search engines such as Google. Search Veil lets you choose how you want to hide products, either by product ID, product tags or product type.

Use the following steps to get Search Veil quickly up and running on your store:

  1. Install Search Veil by visiting it’s page in the Shopify App store found here and clicking the ‘Add app’ button. Image of Search Veil in the Shopify App Store

  2. Once installed you can now access Search Veil by logging into your store’s admin area and clicking on the ‘Apps’ link in the left navigation then selecting ‘Search Veil’ under ‘Installed Apps’. Image of using a store’s Shopify admin to access Search Veil.

  3. Now you are ready to setup some rules to start hiding products from your search results. First select what kind of rule you wish to setup. There are 4 types:

    1. Product ID: The unique numeric product ID assigned by Shopify to hide one specific product. This is the number at the end of the URL when visiting a product page in your admin. For example the number at the end of the following url:

      This rule is great when there is only one specific product that needs hiding from search results. If you wish to hide more than one product one of the other rules may be a better fit.

    2. Product Type: Used to hide every product belonging to a specific product type. You can read more about product type’s in Shopify’s Documentation.

      This rule works well when all of the products share a single product type. If they have different product types a tag rule might be more appropriate.

    3. Product Tag: Used to hide every product that has a specific product tag. You can read more about tags in Shopify’s Documentation.

    4. Out of Stock: Use this to setup a rule that will automatically hide any product that is sold out. There are 2 options, either hide all products that are out of stock or only hide sold out products that are set to not continue selling when out of stock. For more information see the article on hiding out of stock products from search results.

    Once you have selected the rule type simply enter the value on the right for the products that should be hidden and click submit. Either a numerical ID for the Product ID type or the product type or tag name.

    Note that it can take a couple of minutes before the products will be removed from the search results. If the product has already been indexed by Google it will not be removed until the next time Google visits your site. Image of how to use Search Veil.

That’s all there is to it! Once your rules have been setup it will apply to all current and future products. So as long as you are using product types or tags that are already setup in Search Veil you will not have to worry about those products ever appearing in your search results.