How to Hide Out of Stock Products From Shopify's Search Results

Learn how to automatically hide sold out products from your Shopify store's search results.

Why remove out of stock products from search results?

If your Shopify store has many out of stock products it doesn’t take long for them to start cluttering the search results. Cluttered search results lead to less conversions as users are unable to find products that are available for sale.

Hiding sold out products from search results

We created the Shopify app ‘Search Veil’ for a simple way to ensure your sold out products never appear in the search results. All it takes is a one time setup and from then on the app will automatically remove and re-add your products to the search results as the inventory levels change.

Once you have Search Veil installed access the app from your store’s Shopify admin. To enable the out of stock rules select the “Out of Stock” option in the “Filter Type” drop down.

your store’s search results as well as search engines such as Google. Search Veil lets you choose how you want to hide products, either by product ID, product tags or product type. You are then given 2 options for hiding sold out items:

Image of Search Veil’s out of stock option

  1. Hide all out of stock products: This will remove all products from search results if they have inventory tracking enabled and have an inventory level of zero.
  2. Hide only out of stock products that are set to not continue selling when out of stock: This will remove all products from search results if they have inventory tracking enabled, does not have “Continue selling when out of stock” checked and have an inventory level of zero. This options is found on the product page under “Inventory” as seen below. Image of the inventory section of the product page

After the rule is setup you never need to worry about out of stock products appearing in your search results again. Search Veil will continue to monitory your inventory levels in the background and remove and add products to search as needed.

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