Uninstall Ship Sketch Checkout Map

Learn how to uninstall the checkout map and clean up your templates

1) Uninstall checkout map functionality

If Ship Sketch is no longer installed skip to step 2. If it is still installed the first step is to click the “Uninstall checkout map” button in the Checkout Map section of the Ship Sketch admin. This will revert Ship Sketch back to its default functionality and hide the map from your cart template. It will not revert any template changes you will need to manually do that following the instructions below.

Uninstall button

2) Cleanup template code

  1. In your cart template remove the following 2 lines of code. This code is typically found in templates/cart.liquid or sections/cart-template.liquid depending on your theme.
    1. {% if item.product.vendor == 'Ship Sketch' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
    2. {%- include 'shipsketch-pin-drop-map' -%}
  2. Delete the template snippet snippets/shipsketch-pin-drop-map.liquid. IMPORTANT: Do not do this before completing step 1b, doing so may cause an error to be displayed on your cart template.