Generate a Google Maps API key for your Shopify store

To use the Ship Sketch checkout map feature you must first generate a unique Google Maps API key for your store

1) Login to Google Cloud Platform

Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one.

2) Create a new project for your store

  1. Click on “Select a project” at the top of the page. Select a project
  2. In the popup modal click on “New project”. Select new project
  3. Give the project a name, this can be anything you want. Then click on “Create”. Create new project
  4. Once the project is finished being created reload the page and click on “Select a project” again. This time you should see your newly created project, click on it. Select newly created project

3) Enable the required Map’s APIs

Now you are working in your newly created project. You need to enable access to 3 different Map’s APIs found here. Click on each API (or follow the direct link below) and click on enable.

  1. Maps JavaScript API
    Maps JavaScript API
  2. Geocoding API Geocoding API
  3. Places API Places API

4) Generate an API key

  1. Click the menu button in the top left of the page and then select APIs & Services > Credentials. Select API credentials from menu

  2. At the top of the credentials page select “+ Create Credentials > API key”. The key shown here is what you will input into your Ship Sketch settings. You can go ahead and do that now or copy it down for later. It is important to restrict the key to prevent abuse. Let’s do that now, click on “Restrict Key”. API key created

5) Restrict API key usage

The key should be limited to only be usable on your website, this will prevent someone else from stealing your key to use on their own site.

  1. In the “Application restrictions” section select “HTTP referrers (websites)". Then in the “Website restrictions” section select “Add an Item”. Restrict API key to website
  2. Enter your shop’s url here using * for a wildcard. For example for the API key to work on all Omatic URLs the following rule would be used: **. Then click done. Website restrictions

To further secure your API key it should only be allowed to access the required APIs. Those are the 3 APIs we enabled earlier.

  1. In the API restrictions section select “Restrict key”.
  2. Open the “Select APIs” menu and select “Maps JavaScript API”, “Places API” and “Geocoding API”. The end result should look like this: API restrictions
  3. Click save.

6) Copy your API key to Ship Sketch

Your API key is now secured and ready to use. If you haven’t already copy your new key from step 4 into your Ship Sketch settings.