Ship Sketch FAQ

Asked and answered

Why use Ship Sketch?

Ship Sketch lets you create custom delivery areas based on arbitrary boundaries set by you simply drawing on a map. You don’t need to worry about postal/zip codes or other address requirements. If a customer lives in the delivery area they will be presented with that shipping option at checkout.

Each delivery area can be setup with custom pricing as a description of the delivery type that will be shown to the customer at checkout.

It works exceptionally well when providing local delivery and you need to set exactly how far from your location you are able to deliver to.

What are the requirements to use Ship Sketch?

You will need a Shopify store that has third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates enabled. It is enabled in the following scenarios:

For more information see Shopify’s documentation. If you are not sure if your Shopify store has this option or you wish to add it please contact Shopify support.

I have a large delivery area with some smaller areas within it that I do not service. Does Ship Sketch support this?

Yes, with Ship Sketch in addition to drawing delivery areas on the map you can also draw exclusion areas. Exclusion areas sit on top of the delivery areas and if a customer’s address is in both an exclusion area and a delivery area they will not see the delivery options.

How do I edit the shape of an existing delivery area?

To edit the shapes of your delivery areas click on the lock button in the top right of the map to enable edit mode. Once in edit mode you can drag the existing points of the delivery area. To add a new point to a delivery area click and drag a point in between the 2 existing points.

How do I move an existing delivery area?

Hold down the CTRL key and then drag the area you wish to move.

How do I edit the settings for an existing delivery area?

Click on the area and a form will open allowing you to modidify the settings.

How do I delete a delivery area?

Click on the area you want to delete and then click the delete button.

How do I delete a point on a delivery area?

Right click on the point you wish to delete and then hit the delete button. If you are on a mobile device you can long press on the point you want to delete to open the delete menu.

Is it possible to limit the products available to a delivery zone?

Yes, by using the tags options for a delivery zone you can set which products are available. If a delivery zone has tags the customer will only see that delivery option if every product in the order has one of the set tags.

How do tags in exclusion zones work?

If tags are set on an exclusion area then only orders that contain a product with one of those tags will be excluded.

What is the active setting on delivery areas used for?

Only delivery areas that have the active option checked will be shown to users at checkout. If you want to temporarily disable a delivery area but not lose the data simply toggle the active setting off.

Is it possible to ensure a customer has provided their phone number at checkout?

Yes, if you enable the “Phone Required” option for a delivery area then the customer will be prompted for their phone number if they select that delivery option at checkout.