Search Veil FAQ

Asked and answered

Why use Search Veil?

If you have products in your catalog that you want some users to be able to access but not be easily findable by others.

What does Search Veil do?

It removes specified products from Shopify’s website search. It also adds the following meta tag to the product page to tell external search engines not to index that product.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">

What criteria can be used to hide products?

You can hide products based on their tags, product type or product ID.

Why is a hidden product still showing up in my shops search results?

Sometimes it can take several minutes for the changes to propagate.

Why is a hidden product still showing up in external search engines such as Google?

If the product was already indexed by an external search engine it will not be removed until the search engine reindexs the page. This can take an extended period of time.